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What is it?

RAC Dash Cam

The RAC Dash Cam is a dashboard camera which fits easily to your windscreen and constantly records all activity on the road ahead – with all the video safely recorded to a microSD card pre-installed into the Dash Cam. Simply plug the power adaptor in and the RAC Dash Cam starts recording immediately. In the event of any incident, all the footage can be easily downloaded to any computer and can be used as evidence for your insurance company or the police.

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  • About

    About the

    RAC Dash Cam

    The RAC Dash Cam gives you the opportunity to record the road ahead and provides you with vital evidence should you be involved in an incident and need proof that you are not at fault. Whether it is an accident, road rage or a "crash for cash" scam - be safe and secure knowing that your journey has been recorded on your RAC Dash Cam.

    The RAC Dash Cam Collection use the latest technology to ensure simple and reliable recording, with simple to use and easy features that make the RAC Dash Cam your first choice for on road recording.

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Why use it?

The Benefits

  • Accident

    Accident not your fault?

    Video proof could save your excess and no claims bonus!

  • Road rage

    Victim of road rage?

    A video to the Police may help secure a conviction.

  • Witnessed

    Witnessed an accident?

    Video to the Police or Insurers could be invaluable.